Bang Bus

UGS AND I WERE JUST HANGING OUT shooting the shit when Anthony called me up telling me that he was hanging out with this whore he had been trying to fuck for the last four years. So he figured that this was a great way to finally do what he's been thinking about when he's beating his cock! We pick them up and go off on our journey....into the depths....of human debauchery! Anthony wastes no time in getting his good "friend" on her knees and on her back! This puerto rican hottie looks fantastic getting slammed into next week.... a must see! Enjoy....The Dirty One.. Once again, Ugs and I were on a mission to snag some sexy slut freaks on the mean streets of Miami. We had one of Ugly's friends from way back come along with us to join in on the festivities. We come across this wannabe-trendy whore on South Beach by the name of JJ. She was more than willing to come along and have a good time with us. I started to play some mind games on this bitch and found out how fucked up her life really was...I'd tell you exactly what but I don't care enough to remember. Oh yeah, she complained about not being popular or some shit. Well JJ, thanks to us...the whole world will know exactly how much of a slut you are!!

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